Cryptocurrencies that are predicted to grow steadily in 2023

Cryptocurrencies that are predicted to grow steadily in 2023

In the outgoing 2022, users faced events that negatively affected the crypto market. Following the fall of the LUNA token, ETH fell as a result of the transition to the Proof of Stake protocol. In early November, the FTX-Alameda Research pair marked a negative trend in the market with its bankruptcy, which negatively affected the value of many cryptocurrencies.

Thus, the question arises before us: what projects of the coming year will be able to grow, despite the adverse climate, and give a new round in the development of the community?

Promising crypto projects in 2023 and selection criteria

The best period for buying new project tokens is the pre-sale period, or ICO. This system is based on the undervalued value of the token, which grows after the end of the presale. The increase in value occurs when the presale target is reached, or when the date for the completion of this stage arrives.

All projects in today’s list share the following factors:

Compliance with safety standards. Each project has been audited by SolidProof and Coinsniper (team verification, smart contacts audit, etc.).

Trust and attention of many investors. Each of the projects (except RobotEra) has already raised at least $2 million at the current pre-sale stage.

Active community (more than 10 thousand users in Telegram for each project) and promotion in social networks (Twitter, Discord).

Major media coverage:, CoinTelegraph, Beincrypto, Business2Community and more.

Finding each project at the pre-sale stage with the offer of favorable conditions for the purchase of its tokens.


The first promising cryptocurrency on our list is IMPT , a token based on the Ethereum blockchain that focuses on smart green consumption through carbon credit trading.

The IMPT Token Presale started on October 4th. In just three days, pre-sales topped $5.45 million. Thanks to a smart launch strategy at a time of growing demand for environmental investments, IMPT was able to get past the first stage of pre-sales by the end of October instead of the expected start of December. The second wave of pre-sales started on October 26, and already now the sales target has reached about 50% (which is over $12 million).

Through this platform, a special ecosystem was organized, including IMPT tokens, carbon credits and unique NFTs. Tokens can be obtained directly through pre-sales (for this you need to buy ETH) or as a cashback when buying from partner brands. In the future, tokens can be converted into carbon credits, by “burning” which and thus compensating for your carbon footprint, you get NFTs.

Ability to trade carbon credits. The global carbon offset market is valued at over $270 billion.

More than $13 million of investment has already been raised as part of the pre-sale.

10,000 environmental partner projects, each partner has been carefully selected. Among the partners of the project are Microsoft, Samsung, Lego, Amazon.

Unique eco-themed NFTs that can be exchanged, sold on different platforms or saved.

Verified by CoinSniper and also audited by Hacken.

Calvaria (RIA)

RIA token – owned by the Calvaria project , based on Ethereum, like IMPT. The game is finishing its Stage 4 presale with over 100 million RIA tokens sold in total.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity has big plans for a card game. Gamers will have to compete with each other. The one with the best card collection and game strategy wins. The novelty of the project affected the far-reaching plans for the future development of the game. The developers are talking about how the RIA token will be capable of more than just in-game interactions. Thanks to DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) technology, they promise to release Calvaria DAO, a tool for collaboration with the gaming community. As planned, such a mechanism will solve the problem of the development of the game.

Calvaria partners are Kenzo Ventures, Sky Meta and Sparklab.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, which guarantees the transparency of operations.

The progression with which native tokens are redeemed indicates the high interest of not only investors, but also users.

An innovative approach to interacting with the gaming community.

The project will be released on mobile devices, in addition to other advantages over similar P2E projects.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is a service platform that simplifies the analytical work of a trader. D2T is the native token of this site, based on the ERC-20 Ethereum network. The service provides access to a wide range of functions useful for a trader: trading signals, social sentiment analysis, strategy building tool and listing alerts.

The functionality of Dash 2 Trade will be available through a subscription system that includes two levels: “Starter” and “Premium”, however, some functions of the site will also be available for free use. At the moment, more than 70,000 traders are already included in the community around this platform. A high-level development team has attracted the support of Quant’s creators and venture capitalists.

A dashboard that provides all the necessary information for effective trading (indicators, crypto signals).

Built-in trading strategy tester.

The parent company of Learn 2 Trade, established in 2017, has long established itself in the crypto environment with 60,000 members.

Free and paid functionality allows you to attract different groups of investors, in addition, new and old functions coexist on a single basis, assuming data exchange.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, which guarantees the transparency of operations.

Full security audit from SolidProof and Coinsniper.

which their project is reviewed by a team of auditors. Ultimately, the company that applied to SolidProof receives a report on the presence or absence of vulnerabilities, as well as their classification.

CoinSniper, in turn, is a platform for team verification through KYC. Projects that have been verified by CoinSniper have a real team with confirmation of the identity of the project participants.

Community trust and active social networks

Social networks play an important role. The constant support of social networks, Telegram and Discord allow these projects to be open to dialogue and improvement.

For a developing project, it is very important to have a fairly wide coverage; projects that are gaining popularity should have several thousand subscribers and constantly interact with them. Twitter, Telegram and Discord remain the main platforms for crypto projects. A reach of 10,000 followers on Twitter is a great base for a fresh cryptocurrency.

Lighting in the media space

The trend to widely cover the events of the crypto world arose back in 2012, when the well-known Bitcoin crossed the threshold of $500 per 1 BTC. Many online publishers were hooked on the idea of ​​a new uncharted market. Then it became clear that if someone’s name does not leave the mouths of major media, then this either leads to great success, or can become a kind of obituary.

The ones we are talking about today may not have left the pre-sales stage yet, but they have already made headlines and articles from world-famous publishers such as Cointelegraph, BeingCrypto and Business2community.

Successful attraction of investments

In total, all submitted projects have collected more than $2 million so far. After the closing of presales, this amount should approach $20 million.


Not all events of the outgoing 2022 can be called favorable for the growth of new projects. Recent events around FTX have added even more uncertainty to the prospects for the crypto market in the near future.

However, the token presale figures mentioned in this article suggest otherwise. Investors support projects in which they see benefits for themselves. However, such initiatives are often of great benefit to the community as a whole. The transparency and innovation that blockchain technology brings promotes healthy competition and attracts new investment, which ultimately drives progress.

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