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Bleu Print: French is my native language but I didnt even know it was french until she said yes. jesus christ

INSIDE BRAZIL: Como brasileiro tenho que dizer que fiquei apaixonado pela voz dessa linda portuguesa!

Rose Austero: Please do one of dating a mexican man!

UtubeisEPIC: They love sex.

Cedric Lapi: If it's just random lunch, random coffe. If i dont have any sexual intentions whatsoever, than everybody pay your share.

TheZnjora: Your average Greek woman today is not that different from an American or any other westerner, again with the exception that cold approaching doesn't work that much since they're NOT open to random strangers, they have to know you from somewhere in order to establish comfort, whether that's the workplace, uni, mutual friends or any kind of social circle.

Alper Umut: I'm Mexican and I didn't even know about the chair and bag. lol

Ingrid Molina: Many Russians drink, but then again many don't drink at all.

J Cardenas: Mathieu is hoooot!

Anarki Dota: Sexiest languages for me has to be Spanish, Italian, French, Sweden, and Japanese

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Celia D: L'alsacien est le meilleur accent

MIГљDO GRAUDO: On one of my travels through youtube and this is where i ended up. fun video though

Bella Arisen: First of all this is not accurate. Russian men make their hair go down their foreheads. Basically their bangs are all in a line cut and over their foreheads. I have no idea why they do that hahaha

Malco Esso: Do russian men like indian girls?

Formosa: Yes, whe are close to that, yes. We kind a do the mans job and help, but there are things that are womans job True. But we are more romantic and lovers than the video, i think

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Mell Bg: I like that this was British accents and it was basically all English with their specific regions with two generically stated Scottish accents and no accents from Wales or Northern Ireland or anything?

Abby Watson: I am confused

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Mature Woman Wants Cock And Cum


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