Sex Through Glory Hole - Glory hole (sexual slang)

A glory hole also spelled gloryhole and glory-hole is a hole in a wall, or other partition, often between public lavatory stalls or adult video arcade booths and lounges,...

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Sex Through Glory Hole

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Alex Magnotta: Russians are awsome

Felipe B.: I have never seen a russian man telling to his women like a pimp to dress

Seelviane: I like the girl in this, wow(and her sis is pretty too).

El Guapo: Hipster, ladyboy, he doesn't eat meat. :D I am dying :D

MasterShifu: I just simply find Portugal accent nicer and more pleasant to hear. specially the woman from Porto.

Valeria T: And here I thought the russian one was bullshit. As a brazilian man who, guess what, dated a couple of brazilian women, I can say this is utter bullshit full of steryotypes and sexism. Why the hell people need to generalize other by class, gender, race, etc? How is it fun to reinforce steryotypes? Ignorin. Why the fuck I care. This is youtube, lol! Have a good one!

Damo Dinkum: POr lo q veo no eres indepe.jajajajajajajaja

Zane Silver: Date them in the first place, why? Ah yes, too much family drama!

Cinthya Colin: When most of the comments are about how bad her french were and it's the only language that everyone guessed it right

Sadra Kara: You know you are dating a italian if when he scleras very male says Porcoddio or diocane

Skye 11: Seeing how other Germans in the comments seem to agree I must have been living under a rock my whole life! I and many other women I know are absolutey nothing like this lady haha. This is probably the result of growing up in this generation where we have access to the internet and hence chances to grow up learning about other cultures. I have a lot of American and Canadian friends, maybe that's why :)

UneasyLuck: Nice! together with Lebanese and Persian, this video is one of the most expected for me, thanks a lot.

Angeline OV: In other words LA girls are just for fun :)

Alex Babin: All that murdering palestinians have them to psychos

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