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It seems like everyone on the internet has heard of the grapefruit method — but not everyone knows what it really is! For starters, yes...

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Do you know what it was like? Cut a hole in the middle of your grapefruit. In addition to this, he also was not fond of the sensation of the juice dripping down between his butt cheeks. From the second I put that slice on there, my boyfriend could not get enough of this goddamned grapefruit. This is nothing like the video!


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Ilonn Black: I don't have notifications on but the planets aligned and I happened to be on YouTube when this vid got uploaded squad, where u at?

Carlos Zc: I'm a Mexican teen. my female cousins are so much like this. I speak Spanish

Happy Life: Is the girl in this video actually irish? her accent sounds fake at times.but what do i know?

Le Capitaine: You Know You are Dating a GREEK Woman When. you ALWAYS have to pay everything even for the whole country. Greetings from EU.

Ammar Yasir: Brazillian girl is a stunner

Deathstroke: Great video! I am so Eastern European : (originally from Russia)

TobiasNone: Im a portuguese man and Im not like this xD

Chen Liu: Please do dating a Fillipino man please!

Daniel B: I absolutely HATE these standards and people who think oh the man HAS to pay. this is ridicoulous and not appropriate for the year 2016 really. maybe thats just what i think since this is not how it is in germany. everyone just pays for his shit and done, no problem. Its not even a discussion, all the girls ive been on a date with so far have always just paid their stuff and i paid mine

Frosty Ryukyu: I'd like to point out that the cheek kissing when greeting someone, as they did in the video is somewhat uncommon in Germany. Some people do it, most don't. Since people are generally familiar with it though, it's fine to initatiate it if that's your way of greeting a date. Just consider that it might be surprising for some folks and might not be as smooth as you expect.

ChickenTM: What's the point of even putting it in the video if the accent and pronounciation can't be get right.

XtinaLucia: Idiots, he's not making fun of asian-canadians. He's doing social commentary on expectation and the fact that if your looking for something in particular just because you get something similar doesn't mean it will do.

Ukulayla: Why am I here

Little Froe: French accent is the best accent.

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  • The grapefruit technique will make your man feel like you're blowing him...
  • That is a tremendously in favor method of enjoying pokies or on the web slots...

  • Maybe it was her Irish coloring that did it for the guys: mounds of orange-red...
  • Simply speaking, the incidental not later than using performing indefinitely is...

  • If you such, you are talented to along with do...

  • COM redhead blowjob videos, free sex videos. Exquisite redhead teen gives amazing blowjob p Foxy redhead teen babe...
Atomic3939: Ahh i just realised, the canadian one is similar to a custom in my country. im from indonesia, and we apologize a lot. i do this thing, when being helped, instead of saying 'thanks! i say 'sorry! as in i felt bad that the other person have to help me.

Regina Riddle: As a turk i am boring sooooooo much when watching turkish series

Carly Al: The girl with glasses was pretty I just didn't like her clothes that she was wearing xD

I'm Amiral: Hahahah the egyptian was SO accurate. Most egyptian thing someone has ever said

John Allogop: Ahhhh the French guy omg yasss

Pink Cloud: Talk about moldovia!

Chelo Mejias: Indian guys are so committed. thats actually not that bad hehe

Fate Wisdom: I wish I could have some date with Israeli women someday

Gabby Tubs: This was exactly my ex girlfriend, but she was italian

Niki91-HR: Ik ga stuk

Ryo Usami: That was Russian at the end. ;)

Tristan Clet: I want a Russian boyfriend . guys from my country are boring as hell .

Timedsauce: I laughed, this is the most hilarious one! thanks for great job!

Kayla Marie: The guy in the black shirt was so confident but he barely got any of them right

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