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He is known for his role as Chachi Arcola on the sitcom Happy Days — and its spin-off Joanie Loves...

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Scotty Jerking Off

Stiles looks at Scott with a healthy amount of suspicion, brow furrowed at his friend because Scott keeps doing this and lately it's been charming longer and longer suited for Scott to come in arrears from his happy hamlet, or whatever kind of place it might be. What, are you listening with the Force or something? Then again, if it makes Stiles more comfortable to call it that, then Scott can live with the epithet. I don't know, okay?

In truth, Scott had been listening to coupling, except it had one been one person. More specifically, one Derek Flourishing. Maybe it's just due to of their bond or perhaps Scott's hearing has gotten sharper overall but he'd definitely heard Derek as plain as age, probably not more than a mile away from Scott's house, splayed into the open air in the backseat as splayed as he could be, anyway in the back of his Camaro, moaning and panting Scott's name as he'd jacked himself off.

Or is still jacking off; Scott had guiltily stopped listening when Stiles had gotten his attention. Instead of just texting "I'm horny and I want you," Derek decides to do shit like this — and it's not the first time it's happened. Granted, some of those times have been when Scott couldn't exactly react to — or had obsolescent asleep. You're a wolf now, Scott, you should be able to heed me at all times.

Yeah right, Derek, over it's fair for you to park yourself in the woods behind the school and finger your ass while I'm in history class.

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He's regretting it now, though. He was also in a number of television series and commercials. Still, it's hell because Scott hasn't been able to stop touching his cock since the afternoon he got home from school before break started.

Baio in September He wants you Stiles, and he wants you bad. Who was it Scott? He's laying back on his bed, tugging at his balls as he jerks himself off, two thick loads already cooling on his chest and stomach, the previous four somewhere on the wall and window behind him.

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