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His mind spun, and his eyes watered as he gasped through the haze of torture, chest heaving and empty as...

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Love him when he carves out torture and when he wreaks havoc in anger and fury. But Felix is faster, falling onto his knees with practised ease, fingers flying across Peter's belt which he flings aside before pulling the zipper down. My first ever Panlix fiction, and my first ever not really smut.

He was the one who taught him everything. He tugs Peter's underwear down and makes a noncommittal noise at the back of his throat because Peter was beautiful.

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He Pleasures Felixs Dick Before Ravaging

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Peter dragged the tip across, watching as Felix's hole clenched emptily, the boy whining in despair at the teasing. He was- " Everything. Mustering his self-control, Peter pulled away, yanking Felix back to his feet before kissing him deeply, tasting himself on his lips. His mind spun, and his eyes watered as he gasped through the haze of torture, chest heaving and empty as Pan held onto the most precious embodiment of himself.

He knows better than to answer that question. It was a sight to behold, watching as his cock slowly slipped into the other, the rim easily expanding as Peter pushed his hips forward, groaning lightly.

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He tugs Peter's underwear down and makes a noncommittal noise at the back of his throat because Peter was beautiful. But I do, I know love. Shame was tearing through him as Pan stared at his heart, eyes glazing over. A kiss had never been on the list. The blonde had tears running down his face, and Peter knew it wasn't from pain.

The result is instantaneous, Felix dropping onto the counter, yelping before ending it with a drawn out moan, ass in the air. Open mouth kisses and a velvet tongue swirling patterns over his skin, Felix moaned, soft and pliant against the counter, jerking as he felt Peter's thumb swipe over his sensitive nipple.

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