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Dutch profanity can be divided into several categories. Time again, the words used in profanity by speakers of Dutch are based prevalent various names for diseases. In many cases, these words have evolved into slang , and uncountable euphemisms for diseases are in common use. Additionally, a substantial number of curse words in the Dutch language are references to sexual acts, genitalia, or bodily functions. Undeviating curse words also set up up a considerable suggest of the Dutch four-letter words vocabulary.

Aside from these categories, the Dutch cant has many words that are only used in the service of animals; these words are insulting when applied to people. English terms much complement the Dutch vocabulary, and several English profanity words are commonly in use.

Because of the prominence of the pygmy in the Dutch prose, most nouns used in Dutch profanity can as well be said or written in their diminutive forms.

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I n the past few decades, the fortunate among us have recognised the hazards of living with an overabundance of food obesity, diabetes and have started to change our diets.

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Feed The Dumb Fuck Dong Whore

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Pasadena hookup 442 Norfolk dating Santa Ana dating MattehWizard: FALSE, genre roles are not like that here in Colombia, we divide the price of bills, that was fake, we dont want to be maintained by men, that's soooo gross.

Hockeytown02: WHy do u always put Arabic Woman as French? Sorry but i'm fed up with hearing France is just made of Arab and Blacks. Post a white french thank you.

Gregor Koch: I thought you had brothers.

Augerboy320: I don't get how most men chat up strangers, like I'd prefer flirting with a girl that I know. I just can't see a scenario in which a woman will accept a date from a stranger.

Christy CoOl: Chinese guy was an absolute savage

Sai Capio: Aaaah katorschka blyat


Dora SS: No means. yes?

Master D.D.: I would like to ask you one thing only. How many Palestinians did you kill?

Meredith: French guy ranting: What is so French in a French toast?

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Our brains crave stories that "make sense" — even if they don't correspond to reality. Those guys should be sterilized. The goat, you bastard! Then create your own penis-showing game. This is an exploding offer! The more news we consume, the more we exercise the neural circuits devoted to skimming and multitasking while ignoring those used for reading deeply and thinking with profound focus.

Dean, doesn't my mom look old?

You're the coolest fuckin' guy at Shenaniganz! Krijg het lazarus "catch the leprosy" is uncommonly used as an insult.

Pleuris , or less commonly pleuritis , is a slang word for tuberculosis compare tering , originally referring to any form of lung infection. You forgot your change. Fuck this, I Quit Mitch: Amsterdam, , s. Dean, did you know that when Monty was a child everyone thought he was retarded? San Angelo hookup

Jessica Wang: Needs this *Gropes*

Borjastick: Quebec never being an independent!

Eyeluv2dance: The video only shows how a relationship starts, and never shows the deep affection and many laughs you'll get with a French woman. Many, many separated couple stay friends for life in France, because their relationship was not only about sex or romantic love.

Chris Lee: I love the way they always say parisian people are maybe arrogant, but not here in the north :'- People from Lille are prejudiced about parisians!

Justjuice: Che bei ragazzi!

Lemiquee V: Indian. I don't know what people say about me coz I have never met any foreigner .

Jinz0001: I'm Russian, and I'm exited to watch this video

Fire Bob: I hate the fact that my country is so obsessed with the fair and pale skin. I am from india.

YourShiza: British people are the most ugly ones among white race.

Abby Liu: Would be interesting to see the Finnish women :D

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