Girls Spank Boys Balls - Obey Melanie – Please Spank my Testicles

Ask Your Question today. Like many parents, I sometimes spank my child when he's been bad.

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And permission needs be special and rare. Just ask Jeffrey Dahmer's mother. I had a friend around 12ish, who was a big dumb guy.

Now if I do that my wife disrespects my balls and had my balls been slapped as a youth done even in front of my sisters if neccsesary. Once She "accidentally " hit my testacles and thrilled to my thrashing about. First thOse of you that believe that you own the child because he lives under your roof and therefore you can do what you please with him it's not exactly true Jest because they live in your house doesn't mean you own them saying you do violates the the 13 U.

Hell no,it's not normal,never has been,never will be.

Girls Spank Boys Balls
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When it hit me "there" on the scrotum and sometimes on the penis the pain was a hundred times worse and doubled me over in pain. He had the biggest set of balls I think I've ever seen, then and still to this day. Believe me it happened a lot. Then with a steel ruler [my father still has it] she gave me 3 quick whacks on the testicles. As I said my sister was the disciplinarian. You deserve to die toofor putting these kinds of posts.

Is it normal for a mother to punish her son by spanking his testicles? McAllen singles

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  2. I'm sorry I'm a chick and I even if your stuffs all sticking out weird its damn gross nasty looking.

  3. so funny that most ppl think intercourse equals orgasm for a woman or should i say so sad.

  4. Imagine playing roulette, and upon winning, the house claims you lost saying statistically we're on the side of truth

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