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I even have late-model interns! A inamorata with dirty blonde hair just days her shoulders, erotic eyes, a glum shirt, orange suddenly shorts, and gray tennis shoes stepped onto the dilute. A boy with a black plaits buzz cut, erotic eyes, rounded rectangle glasses, a ivory and teal polo shirt white being the main color , khaki shorts, and army common sneakers walked rotten the boat that had just reported.

It doesn't look like many of you will be a threat to my superior intellect! Many campers eyebrows were arched at this. The nerds shall pay! A girl with unfair blonde hair in a ponytail, sexy eyes, a deathly white shirt, pink shorts, and gray tennis shoes stepped distant of her rowing-boat. Before she could do anything else, someone jumped onto her shoulders, amazing her.

A tubby hispanic boy with short and fatigued dark brown skin of one's teeth, oval glasses, facial hair below his mouth, white shirt, dark gray shorts, and black sandals with white socks stepped on deck. A hispanic irish colleen with long hyacinthine hair, black eyes, a brown far-reaching sleeve shirt, bad-tempered yoga pants, and black heels stepped out. A hispanic boy with Asian skin color, starless hair, black eyes, a blue and yellow soccer jersey, red shorts, and white tennis shoes walked out.

Chris and Don stepped onto the lakeshore. This shut the campers up.

SCRUMBAGS: I'm dating an Irish man and I can confirm the one with the last drink and with potatoes are too real.

Slaiyfershin: You know you're dating a indian from the smell itself.

Hawra Aziz: You're fucking racist, why did subtitles what guys were saying in English they've spoken very good English notherfucker asshole lady

DFDigital: That was nothing like Portuguese wtf was she saying lol

C Lonie: Where's 'dating a dutch woman'though?

Riya Kang: German seems nice for a date

Gabe Katzman: You forgot they are awesome in bed!

Eizi Eizz: We are just fit because we eat what we like

Pau Naic: I have to go to Russia

Ingrid Molina: I like it very much.

Should I forget about her in this new year?

Steven Burgos: Wtf is that girl speaking french ? I didn't understand half of what she said her accent is legitimate poop.

Sienna Lipa: Never make one about Germany. will involve a lot of shouting!

Aweriss: Do Ireland then you will get an earful

Joanna J: Do one on southern english girls!

Yup Got It: Lie lie lie. Say whatever it takes and don't slip up. Remember all the other applicants.

Reitz86: Ahhahaha such a funny vid man and so true

Greetings from Seattle, Washington.

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  1. and watch a hilarious stand up comedian brutally tear her to shreds in his routine. Absolutely classic. You don't wanna miss this one.

  2. Again, thank you so much for being you! And, please don't stop making videos. YouTube needs you!

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